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“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.” ~ Francis Bacon


Believing in their art and supporting them in their artistic journey by managing and creating a roadmap for them through a professional representation and advisory.

The main focus is to well position them and promoting their art in the local and international art scene.

Artist Management Scope of work is as follows:

  1. Negotiating contracts
  2. Marketing and PR
  3. Artist development
  4. Promotion
  5. Budgeting


Egyptian-born Sudanese artist. His Childhood  was composed of two  environments:  the Cairene street and the Sudanese home. The relationship, and  sometimes tension,   between the two  strongly influenced his view ofboth  cultures. The need to express this dual perspective led him to make art Initially and has informed his work since.AlFadni ’s work discusses the relationship between the included and the excluded,  and opens dialogue on issues of identity and politics, by working with forgotten historical events and current state policies.


Born in 1965 in Alexandria, and graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts – Alexandria University in 1988, Hani Mahfouz is one of a handful of artists seriously and repeatedly engaging with the daily life in Egypt and creating designs that use his unique visual elements to deepen our engagement with time and place. His ideas come from a wealth of different experiences; as a graphic, industrial, and lately fashion designer. Mahfouz founded his design studio, Hani Mahfouz Designs, AKA h|m|d, in 1997, and since then he is dedicated to create explicit art products that fall in between different design trajectories. To dive deeper into his world, we suggest to start from his talk at TEDx Cairo, “The Second Death”, and take it from there to explore that exceptional world. Enjoy!


El Husseiny’s work is at the same time magical, symbolic, ironic and macabre. In his last body of work, El Husseiny uses media such as paper paste, acrylic, and collage to show what he came across during his walks through the cemetery in search of a way to reconnect with his late father. Dozens of small papers hidden in the cracks in the walls surrounding the tombstones, which he initially thought to be supplications or Koranic verses dedicated by visitors to their loved ones, turned out to be containing magical and allegorical symbols.
By carving blunt symbols of death, such as skulls and dissections of cadavres, as well as intelligible codes, formulae and numbers into paper paste, El Husseiny emulates the digging up of a past made of mysterious signs and re-conceptualises his personal research into an all-pervasive memento mori. Half-human and half- animal mythological beasts and deities-like creatures impose a fierce and bitter tone to his works, alluding to an uncommon form of sacrality. In a gloomy and restless atmosphere of death, feelings of uncertainty, nostalgia, grief and loss mingle, offering ample space for universal reflection on individual, historical, and collective memory.
El Husseiny graduated from Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in 2014. He participated in a number of workshops and exhibitions in Cairo as part of the ‘Street Atelier’. Moreover, he co-founded the street art group ‘Mona Lisa Brigades’ in 2012, under which he participated in a number of developmental projects such as The People of Ard El-Lewa, funded by the British Council in Egypt.

Hany Rashed

An Egyptian Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in Cairo in 1975. A self-taught artist, Rashed worked closely with renowned artist Mohamed Abla- who became his mentor. By experimenting with a wide range of techniques, such as collage, monotype, painting, and sculpture, Rashed continuously reinvents himself and his work. Many of his pieces use imagery which draw on social issues that effect young people in Egypt such as the acquisition of desirable commodities, sexuality and state control over freedom of speech.

At the beginning of the 2011 Revolution, Rashed played a leading role in documenting part of the contemporary Egyptian history through his sarcastic production. After his comic character “Asa7by”(2012), making fun of the abuse of visual Internet memes, “Bulldozer” (2015), directly denouncing the omnipresent mediocrity, and “The last farewell” (2017), addressing his very personal life tragedy, Rashed comes back to explore with much irony the multiple facets of Egyptian life. His gypsum vehicles re-enact the jumbled chaos of Cairo, the hubbub of the city, and thus the voices of the people. Some of Rashed’s work forms part of the private collection of the Tate Modern Gallery in London. Rashed has held several workshops in many Egyptian galleries and elsewhere. His work has been featured all around Europe and Egypt

Nevine Hamza

Nevine Hamza, born and raised in Cairo, holds a Masters degree in Architecture. Hamza started pursuing her passion for art, with a unique character shaped by her architectural background. Her work ranges from photography, digital art, collage and painting. Her work focuses on metaphysical concepts, and is characterized by visual geometric aesthetics, blurring boundaries between earth and sky. The sky opening up into space stands in as the main character in her
work, serving as a reflection of her ideas and provoking a deep sense of silence and perspective.

Hamza’s work has been shown widely in Egypt at venues such as Ubuntu gallery, Soma Art Gallery, among others. Her work has been selected at the Soma Exclusive event for contemporary art 2019 in collaboration with the French Institute in Egypt. She participated at Egypt International Art Fair in its first two editions 2020, 2021 in Cairo. Her work has been exhibited in various Art Events like ‘Sameness’ organized by Adsum Art on the sidelines of the Gouna Film festival 2018, ‘Dots’ and ‘Almaza Bay Art Symposium’ by Ex by Art d’Egypte, 2020. ‘Mu’anath’ by Art d’Egypte as part of Cairo Photo Week in collaboration with UN Women, ‘Sedimentary’ group show at Soma Art Gallery 2021, Cairo International Art District,2021 and ‘Ma3rad-ha’ organized by Art d’Egypte, 2022.

She held her first solo show “Roaming Echoes” at Soma Art Gallery 2019. Her work has been acquired by many prestigious art collections like the international MIA Art Collection, and has been featured in Auctions organized by Adsum Art Egypt, and Precision Auction House London. Her work has been featured on Artsy with Art d’Egypte as part of ‘Middle Eastern Galleries now’, ‘Ma3radha’ and ‘Mu’anath’ virtual shows. She currently heads her own architecture and interior
design studio.

Ahmed Mourad

Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1976, Ahmed Mourad originally graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Data Communication Engineering. His passion since then, grew beyond his academic studies to music and visual arts. Mourad began his journey with painting in 2019 as an alternative medium of expression. His artworks are articulated through the use of minimalistic and objective abstraction, employing simple lines and familiar forms in an attempt to play with
an elusive familiarity and construct meaning. Drawing inspiration from his environment, he captures the essence of fleeting moments and scenes that are both familiar and constantly evolving. Through his paintings, he seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia while also exploring the ever-changing nature of our surroundings.