Heba El Moaz

Heba El Moaz, based in Cairo, is an art advisor and curator. In 2014, fueled by her passion for art, she transitioned from the telecommunications field to fully immerse herself in the art world. She started managing an art School and gallery, located in Cairo that offers educational programs, and workshops, hosting contemporary art exhibitions and art talks.

Born in 1982, El Moaz received her B.A. in Business Administration from Cairo University in 2003. She diligently worked on cultivating the contemporary art community, fostering connections among artists, galleries, and collectors. She curated more than thirty art shows and pop up exhibitions including 1980’s, She Tells (a moving Photography exhibition) and Saturation, she has demonstrated a keen eye for talent and a commitment to showcasing emerging Egyptian artists professionally.

El Moaz ardently believes in providing emerging Egyptian artists with the necessary exposure and opportunities to nurture their creativity and showcase their work on a regional platform. El-Moaz also works on creating artistic regional platforms and collaborations with a mission to inspire, connect, highlight, and, grow the contemporary art community in Egypt and the region.